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fix water bore Woodridge

First our Bore electrician tested the bore circuit at the meter box

Last Friday our specialist water bore service electrician, Dave, attended this property in Woodridge.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

The submersible bore pump was tripping the circuit breaker.  Dave tested everything  and soon confirmed that the 3 phase submersible pump motor was fused across the windings, 2 motor windings being open circuit AND  there was a complete dead short to earth. This Woodridge submersible bore was partly concealed in the undergrowth without the typical bore box covering it.

This Woodridge bore was partially hidden in the undergrowth.

All this info from electrical tests obtained without winching the pump to the surface. Saving time and money. As we are qualified to certify bore pump motors as fused for potential future insurance claims Dave took careful notes and wrote it up accordingly.

Winched up Submersible pump

Today Adam and his offsider attended and using a purpose-built portable 12v winch successfully retrieved the fused pump motor from down the bore. Often Woodridge bores are 50 to 70 metres deep so the winch certainly comes in handy. The portable winch versus a truck mounted one certainly makes pulling up a pump much easier in inaccessible spots like this.

Bore service Gabbadah Woodridge

The bore was under a nice shady tree. No room for a truck mounted winch.

Woodridghe Bore Pump replacement

The old submersible pump was winched out of the bore hole. Note the old down hole electrical cable that also needs replacement

Adam attended with the service truck which is fully stocked with a wide variety of sizes and types of submersible pumps and motors, plenty of spare down hole electrical cable and of replacement stainless draw wire should they be required. The truck is also stocked with a variety of down bore hole fittings and couplings. Years of experience allows us to carry nearly every imaginable bore pump spare required so bore repairs can be completed same day with a minimum of fuss.

Replaced Bore Pump

After pulling the pump up a quick consult and decision made to replace the 2.2kw 3 phase submersible motor with an ultra reliable PM Technology replacement submersible made in Italy. This was coupled to a new 4013  13 stage wet-end ( pump) with polycarbonate impellers. Perfect for the application. Adam also replaced 39 metres of the old white TPS electrcical cable that had seen better days. As a precaution the old stainless steel draw wire was also replaced in case this pump ever needs pulling up gain.

Fix bore Two Rocks Woodridge

Stainless steel submersibles are best for most water bore conditions

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