Perth Water Bores

Perth’s Swan Coastal Plain, the area between the hills and the ocean, is generally ideal for a water bore providing bountiful fresh water. Ideal for Perth gardens and reticulation sprinkler systems.

No longer is a water bore constructed from concrete well liners with a noisy pump at the bottom and an ugly tin well lid at the top. Modern water boring has come a long way.

Now days a modern and very reliable stainless steel submersible pump operates silently deep beneath the ground. Called a “submersible” because the pump is is submersed under water inside what is normally a 100mm diameter PVC pipe.

Submersible pump ready to go.

Submersible pump ready to go.

The pipe itself, referred to as casing, is used to permanently line a borehole “bored” or drilled by a drilling rig.

The lower section of the casing is slotted to allow water in.

Slotted bore casing

Slotted bore casing

Around the slotted casing the water borer installs gravel-packing.  This is  graded river sands to act as a filter. The depth of the borehole is determined by how far water is located beneath the ground. Typically we drill 12 metres below the water table for a good sustainable flow. We can design and quote in advance of commencement because of our extensive local knowledge coupled with the data available from the Perth Groundwater Atlas (WA Gov’t Dep’t of Water) database. Please give us a call on 92460111 or email us for a Perth water bore quotation.

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Perth bore depth water


Very happy with the new water bill.

Very happy with the new water bill.

No-one can match Virgin Bores. Not only will you save on the cost of water, but you will be surprised at how affordable a quality water bore is. Our local knowledge and vast experience guarantees you the very best Perth water bore. We are very proud of our reputation as Perth’s leading water bore drillers so we install only the best equipment and pass on the savings made by our economies of scale.


“Can my new bore be joined in to my existing reticulation system?”

Most often clients have an existing sprinkler irrigation system run off the mains supply water. Yes we can connect your new water bore in to your existing sprinkler system. As the flow from a Perth bore is normally significantly greater than the flow from the street supply, we often combine stations on your existing reticulation system so that two or more stations come on at once. This accommodates the extra flow and reduces the overall watering time and hence the total time the bore pump runs. Operation of your new bore is most commonly from your existing reticulation controller. Just ask if you also want a  tap connected to your new bore.

New submersible water bore Perth


Share a bore with your neighbours?

Virgin Bores are the experts when it comes to shared bores, Perth and surrounds. We can connect one or more neighbours to a new shared water bore and still enable individual control of each properties reticulation  system from their own existing reticulation controller. Share the water & share the bore install cost. Call us for details or a free quote!

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