What’s inside a submersible pump?

Impellers in a submersible water bore pump.

Ever wondered what is inside a submersible bore pump? Take a look at this one disassembled by our bore service team. The impellers are like propellers moving the water. The number and size of the impellers determines the flow and pressure, and accordingly, the depth from which the pump can operate effectively. The correct size and number of impellers is critical to specifying the correct submersible pump for each particular bore hole and to achieve the flow and pressure required. This is particularly important when matching to an existing irrigation or reticulation system.

Pump Curve

Specifying the correct pump, or more correctly termed wet-end, to couple to the appropriate submersible motor is crucial to performance and longevity.

For the performance curves of the world-leading ST Series wet-ends (4″ domestic submersible pumps) click here

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We use the very best Italian submersible motors in Perth garden bores.

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