Water Bore East Cannington

Sometimes drilling a water bore in Cannington and nearby can be a little challenging. The bands of clay can restrict bore water flow.

Another win for the “A Team” here. We anticipated the clays and packed around the bore screen with double the normal amount of drillers gravel. 

Bore drilling Cannington

Another bore connected to retic ready to provide free water for many summers to come.

Good supply of bore water

It always makes us smile when we read on our drillers report “very good supply”!

Bore retic Cannimgton

The drill team were happy with the result. The depths were much as anticipated from the Pertth Groundwater Atlas data for the property.

water bore depth cannington

Groundwater Atlas prediction

Submersible Water Bore

Top of submersible bore head

Here we installed a multi stage submersible pump coupled to a .75kw stainless steel submersible motor from the famous PM Technology factory in Italy. This produced a fantastic flow and pressure to run the existing reticulation system.

Submersible pump Cannington

Stainless steel submersible pump

If you would like an ongoing supply of free groundwater call us. We are happy to quote on new water bores in East Cannington, Queens Park, Bentley and surrounds as we know the groundwater there very well.  We also repair and service bores and retic. 9246 0111 or 0408 454 130