Drilling a water bore under paving.

Yes we can install a water bore under driveways.

bore drilling under pavers Perth

This bore will be hidden under the pavers

Have you have always been keen to have a water bore drilled but thought that at your house there is no access for a bore drilling rig?

No room for a bore drilling rig?

Often in tight access situations we drill the bore in the driveway under paving, or even through a cut-out in aggregate or liquid limestone. Adam will cut this bore casing down to below ground level then install the submersible pump and green bore box over the top.

submersible pump hidden

This bore casing will be cut down under ground level

Bore under paving Perth

Adam will install this submersible pump under paving

Once our electrician has connected it up and we connect it in to the retic system the paving will all be put back and everything tidied up. NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS!

All will be invisible as the new submersible pump silently delivers water to the lawns and gardens saving the owners heaps in water charges. Keep your garden green in Perth’s harsh summers and save money.

Sometimes we drill a bore in a driveway and leave the lid level and exposed

This bore was installed under an aggregate driveway

The driveway cut out was used as a lid over this bore

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