“Yes please I want to go ahead with my new bore. What happens next?”

First we say a big “THANKYOU!”

We plan to leave you grinning from ear to ear as you join thousands of Perth people that say ” I wish I’d done it years ago”

Water Boring Perth

First let’s take a look at where is best to drill your bore.

Call David  on 0499 248 562 at any stage if you have a query or you can call our office on 9246 0111

Initial Site Visit

Prior to scheduling your job in at a time convenient to you Virgin Bores will first visit site. This may have already happened if you had an onsite quotation.

During site visit we discuss the proposed position of new bore (avoiding underground services), pump size to be compatible with your existing or planned reticulation and optional reticulation and electrical connections.

We listen to want you want and advise on how we can best achieve the desired result. We will then contact you to book in a start date.


✔Drill team attends.

We a will arrange a day for the drill team to drill your new bore. Prior to the drill team attending we may sometimes have some bore-casing and bagged drillers gravel delivered to site. Ordinarily though the drill team brings these items with them on the support truck so do not be concerned if they are not delivered first.

bore casing for drilling water bore

10 x 6 metre lengths of Class 9 bore casing ready for a deep 60m drill in East Fremantle

drillers gravel for bore

Bags of graded drillers gravel ready to pack around the slotted bore casing as a primary filter.

Depending on access and  ground conditions the drilling rig will most commonly be truck-mounted but sometimes trailer mounted if conditions so require.

Water bore drilling Perth truck rig

Truck mounted drilling rig for deeper bores or harder limestone drilling up to 80 metres deep

Rotary mud drilling uses a recirculating mixture of drilling fluids to flush the drilled “fines” to the surface as we drill your hole.

We are licensed to connect to the local off-street water valves (fire hydrants) if required.

Hydrant used for bore drilling

We are licensed to connect to the local Hydrant

Bore drilling hydrant

A good supply of water needed for rotary mud drilling is usually available from a nearby hydrant

After drilling the bore it is cased with class 9 PVC bore casing with the bottom portion being finely slotted to allow the groundwater  in.

Slotted bore casing

Finely slotted Class 9 PVC bore casing is usually used for the bottom 6 metres of the bore.

Around this slotted casing we pack drillers gravel to act as a primary filter. For those keen on the detail and the importance of gravel packing you can learn more by taking a look a here.

drillers gf gravel bore Perth

Genuine drillers gravel is graded and washed coarse river sand.

After completion of the drilling, casing and gravel-packing we then air-develop the bore hole.

This is the first exciting bit to watch.

Prior to your pump being installed we force compressed air down the borehole to flush out our drilling muds and develop the groundwater flow. Compressed air alone is used to force the groundwater to the surface and after our drilling fluids have been flushed you’ll soon see natural groundwater coming to the surface! You can learn more about air developing here.

At the end of step one the bore casing is normally left sticking out of the ground and the top of the bore casing temporarily sealed. Sometimes, if the protruding casing is in the way (e.g in driveway), we may cut it down to below ground level at this stage.

Bore casing after drilling Perth

The bore has been drilled with the casing yet to be cut down below ground level and pump installed

driveway water bore

This bore has been drilled in a proposed driveway and will be cut down to beneath the final level liquid limestone with the bore accessible through a trafficable lid

Water bore under paving

The bore casing will be cut down to under the level of the paving when the submersible pump is installed. It will then be paved over.

Water Bore on building site

This bore was drilled on a building site whilst access was still OK. The casing has been protected by the builder untill it is cut down when the pump is installed in probably a years time.

You are left with a pile of drilling fines and waste, sand etc. unless you have elected to have a mini skip onsite. We can organize skips and oncharge if requested in advance.

Drilling waste

Composition, colour and size of pile varies depending on depth and conditions

skip bin bore drilling

Skip bin for drilling waste

The size and composition of the pile varies depending on depth and ground conditions. The pile is normally between .5 and 1.5 cubic metres. It is comprised of the drilling fines- normally sand, ground limestone and sometimes clay along with some residue drilling fluids.


✔Pump is installed.

Normally the pump is installed a day or two after drilling, however in peak times this can be unavoidably delayed depending on pump team availability. (Sometimes though, with building sites you may elect to hold off step two onward until closer to handover of house when power is connected to dwelling).

First the installer cuts the bore casing down below  ground level making provision for the bore box to fit over the top at the end of the job.

Bore casing cut down inside bore box

The bore casing is cut down below ground level ready for submersible pump installation

Then the submersible pump and submersible motor are assembled together. The pump wet-end contains the impellers which drive the water to the surface. This pump selected to match the flow required.

A special 3 core and earth bore cable is joined to the motor lead using a double heat shrink kit as the join will spend its life  under water.

Submersible pumps comprise of a motor and a e wet-end

The submersible motor and pump are joined together ready for lowering down inside the bore casing

The pump and motor are lowered inside the bore casing and suspended near the bottom with the weight born by a stainless steel safety wire.

The electrical cable is left coming up from the pump motor to the surface unterminated ready  for the electrician.

The water will be delivered to the surface by a 40mm rural grade poly pipe also hanging inside the bore casing and elbowing off at the top ready to be connected to reticulation or taps.

Bore box covered by lawn

Once connected up the green lid will cover the bore box buried just below the surface.

Normally the top of the bore-box is positioned to be about 100mm under the lawn, garden bed or pavers.

Bore head covered by plastic box

Lawn, garden or pavers often cover over a submersible bore.


✔Electrical Connection

Connection from bore head to house power must be performed by a licensed electrical contractor. Some clients choose to use there own electrician or we  have contract electricians who specialise in bore installations. If you have elected for us to organize the electrical connection and oncharge to you then our  electrician will contact you to schedule in a convenient day.

boreelectrical connection

Trust only a licensed and experienced electrician to connect your new water bore.

Ordinarily the electrician will need access to the cabinet containing your circuit-breakers, your reticulation controller if you have one and sometimes your roof-space to run cables. If your bore is to be connected to operate from an existing reticulation controller then this is done by low voltage cables and a 24v relay.

Bore connection electrician

The bore box will be covered over hidden under lawn, garden or paving.

Once the bore is connected electrically now the really exciting part. The bore is turned on and after a few seconds delay as water travels up to the surface for the first time….BINGO… watch as natural free water gushes out!


✔Reticulation pipe-work connection & handover

Bore pump started by retic controller

Reticulation controllers can be wired to start the bore automatically.

Bore reticulation Perth

This garden flourishing with reticulation fed from a VIrgin Bore.

If part of our agreed scope of work is to connect to your existing reticulation system then this is the final step.

Submersible bore connected to sprinklers

Last step is to make sure bore is operating correctly and do a final tidy up and handover.

We will contact you and schedule a day for any reticulation connection, but only after your electrical connection has been done by our electrician or your own.

Your existing reticulation water feed is disconnected from the mains water supply (normally the existing connection is near your front water meter) and connected to the bore. More information on what is required and how we do the pipework connection can be found here  How is a bore connected to retic?

Bore retic connection Perth

Connecting new bore to sprinkler system

We then double existing retic stations together if needed to accommodate any extra flow.

Finally the bore and your retic system is tested.

We prefer you to be home for this final step so we can handover and make sure you are happy.

Bore and retic Perth

We checked back on this lush garden a few months after doing their bore and reticulation.

Sprinkler restrictions: Current as of 3rd June 2022 automatic reticulation systems in Perth and Peel can be programmed for bore use on your rostered two days a week before 9am or after 6pm in spring, summer and autumn. Please note that the winter sprinkler switch off applies to scheme and bore water users in Perth and Mandurah  1 June-31 August every year. You should view the current Water Corp guidelines and check your rostered watering days here.   If you have a new lawn you can apply for an exemption here. You can read the WA Governments latest press release on garden bore usage here.

Things you might also consider

  ✔ New reticulation controller?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your reticulation controller. It will save you money to have it replaced at the same time the electrician is connecting your bore. Ask us for a price.

Reticulation bore controller Perth

RZX controller ideal for bores

Consider changing to a new  internet-enabled WiFi Reticulation Controller that can be operated from anywhere in the world via your smartphone.

Wi Fi retic controller

Wi Fi reticulation controller allows you to start your bore from your Smartphone.

   ✔ Bore Tap?

Bore tap

3/4″ tap & pressure release valve connected to bore


A pressure relief valve is often fitted on the vertical pipe beneath a tap.

Consider a tap connected to your bore. Normally a larger than normal 3/4″ outlet to cope with the greater flow from a bore. See here for more info about having a tap connected to your new bore.

Most often when a tap is installed so too is a brass pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve is spring-loaded and set to open if there are any mishaps with the bore pump running and the tap inadvertently closed. It is designed to also open if the pump is dead-headed for any  other reason.

Tap off a bore

This tap runs direct from the bore with a large 19mm 3/4 ” outlet for a large hose

   ✔ We also design and install new reticulation systems

As us about a new reticulation system for your home. We can do you an attractive package deal.