Conversion chart for pump wet end model numbers 2021

From February 2021 Virgin Bores will be progressively changing model numbers on 4 inch submersible pump wet-ends.

ST to DS

The current ST series will be labelled DS going forward.

New DS  series wet end box label

Specifications remain the same

The pumps features, stages number, motor power and performance all remain the
same. Everything remains unchanged besides the change in series and model number.

Gallons per hour now 1,000 litres per hour

The existing ST label numbers reflected US gallons per minute where the new DS labelling now reflects m3/ph. (number of thousand litres per hour).
As an example ST 1814 meant that it is a 18 US GPM pump and the equivalent label is now DS 4-14 with “4” referred to 4 m3/h pump.

The new pump curves will be published soon reflecting the new model numbers. In the interim we will continue to use the existing curves and use the model equivalency chart above.