Can I automate my old water bore?

Yes you can !

And we are happy to help! We automate old bores and manual reticulation systems all over Perth.

Today we are midway through the automation of the retic systems in two adjacent homes in Duncraig.  💦
bore retic sprinkler automation

The reticulation controller turns on the bore via the new DOL starter and opens the required solenoid valves

They share an old common bore which had been operated by a manual switch. So far we have installed a separate automatic reticulation controller on each property.
Rain Bird retic controller.

Never worry again. Thee days a week the bore and retic come on automatically in season

We  are then replacing all the old manual gate valves with automatic solenoid valves.
yes we can automate your old bore and retic

Forget having to bend down to turn on these rusty old gate valves.


We replaced three valves on one property and five valves on the neighbours.
Automate manual retic bore

Fully automatic now. Sit back and relax as the sprinklers change from one station to another automatically.

The retic system at one house hadn’t been used for 20 years 🐸 so fingers crossed 🍀 when we give it a well overdue service and some TLC! 🚑

More info here if you need help automating your old water bore or call us on 9246 0111 anytime.