Bore Automation Perth

Perth bore automation is one of our specialties.

3pahse bore DOL starter

Manual 3 phase DOL bore starter

If you have an older style bore or any type of reticulation system that is started manually we can automate it.

We’ll replace the manual switch with an automatic reticulation controller. If you currently switch from one station or zone to another by turning taps or gate valves we can replace these with appropriately sized automatic solenoid valves.

Retic controller turning on a bore automatic

We offer a variety of easy to use automatic reticulation controllers including RainBird, Rainmaster and the new Wi-Fi enabled Hydrawise which can be operated from your smartphone. All electrical work is carried out by our licensed electricians.

Give us a call and we’ll give you a an idea of cost over the phone.

Bore automation Perth reticulation

Old Perth bore awaiting automation

3pahse bore DOL starter

Manual DOL bore starter

Call us 7 days on 9246 0111 or ask about bore automation online here.

We automate all types of Perth bores, wells, pumps and sprinkler systems making it a breeze to set and forget! Your bore reticulation system can be easily set to come on automatically on your three rostered sprinkler days. An easy to use retic controller will be programmed by us to water each station for whatever time you want, at whatever time you want and on whatever day you want. You can easily reprogram times and days yourself or enable the Rain “sleep” function whenever you want or simply turn it off for winter. All our retic controllers have back up batteries to maintain the settings in memory in the event of mains power failure. We automate bores and Retic systems all over Perth so don’t hesitate to call.