Blown poly Submersible pump

Blown poly on submersible bore pump

Blown poly on submersible bore pump

The poly pipe is not meant to look like this.

Our bore repair team just winched up this submersible bore pump at a property in Bibra Lake.

And yes we have seen this problem many times before. Somehow the pump has been “ dead-headed “ (run with nowhere for the water to pump to). This deprives the pump motor of the necessary cooling that is normally provide by the passing bore water.

Submersible pump overheated.

The water surrounding the motor gets hot and makes the poly rising main soft and malleable. Luckily the hot poly pipe then ruptures and there is usually no other collateral damage.

We repair the blown poly pipe and reinstall the submersible pump. Next step is to find out what caused the dead-heading. Often it is found to be a faulty retic system where a solenoid valve has failed to open.

Bore Pressure Release Valve

One measure that can help prevent this is to fit a pressure release valve to the retic system. More info about bore pressure release valves is at the foot of this article about bore taps.