Handy Bore Tap

Can I have a tap off my bore?

Sure you can!  When getting a water bore many customers ask for a tap.

bore tap

Larger tap for higher flow from water bore

In some water bore installations a manual tap or series of taps is all we install. Most commonly though, Perth bores are connected to automatic reticulation systems and we install a tap as a handy extra. A tap using bore water is useful for higher volume hand watering, washing down paving etc and even firefighting. Subject to groundwater suitability bore taps are often also used to fill pools.

Two ways to use bore tap.

1/ By itself

Typically if being connected into an existing irrigation or reticulation system we would plumb in the bore tap before the solenoid valves on the pressurised side.

water bore tap

High flow 3/4′ tap from Bore

This delivers bore water to that tap outlet whenever the submersible bore pump is running. We can nominate a spare zone on the retic controller to  turn on the tap. In semi-auto this can also be used to run the tap for a pre-determined time.  This allows the bore tap to be run by itself delivering full water flow from the bore.

We caution though, that in solo mode that the tap must only be used with it fully opened and coupled to at least a 3/4″ hose ( not standard 1/2 ” garden hose). There should also be no restricting device or nozzle on the end. And caution must be exercised to make sure that the tap zone is not run with the tap closed. (see pressure release valve below)

2/ When sprinklers also running

We would normally configure the reticulation controller so the bore tap could then also deliver water whenever any reticulation station was running. sprinkler boreUsing the tap in this mode, when any other reticulation station or zone is running, allows the tap to be used at reduced flow and pressure. As long as water is flowing elsewhere the tap can be opened or closed as much as required with the water used by the tap consequentially lowering the flow to the sprinklers or  whatever else is being run at the same time.

Can I hjave a tap off a boreAlways ensure water can flow somewhere when pump is running

When installing manually operated taps to water bores we normally recommend fitting a Pressure Release Valve (PRV) at the same time. You can see the brass Pressure Release Valve in the pic below midway up the vertical PVC pipe leading to the tap. Read on below to learn more about bore pressure release valves.

Bore tap

3/4″ tap with pressure release valve connected to bore

What is a Pressure Release Valve?

This is a safeguard against “dead-heading” of the bore pump. The pressure release valve is designed to open and release the water if the pump is accidentally started with the tapb15 closed and nowhere for the water to flow/escape. Similarly if solenoid valves in a water bore reticulation / irrigation system failed to open whilst a pump is running the Pressure Release Valve allows the water to escape and helps prevent consequential damage.

Bore Pressure Release Valves are either preset or calibrated and adjustable. They are sometimes also referred to as pressure relief valves. It is important that submersible pumps are not run whilst the water flow is overly restricted or shut off (dead-headed.)

brass tap from garden bore