Water Bores Willetton

Water bores are common in Willeton because of relatively large block size and the relatively shallow depth to water.

Willetton is about 15 kilometres south of Perth CBD and it is built on a section of flat sandy coastal plain “Bassendean Sand: quartz sand (dunes)”.
This is a good ground for water retrieval. The Perth Groundwater Atlas database indicates Willetton bore water is normally expected to have a salinity range of about 500 mg/l to 1000 mgl which is suitable for irrigation. The situation is quite different in those parts of neighbouring Shelley that immediately abutt the Swan River.

Water bores in the suburb are mostly of two types. The old well style commonly put down until the late 1980’s with a large tin lid and a centrifigal pump at the bottom of concrete well liners. The modern Willetton water bores is very different. You can’t see anything from the surface and the submersible bore pump operates quietly beneath the ground. Submersible bore pumps are a stainless steel cylinder shaped like a torpedo that are suspended at the bottom of a 100mm diameter PVC bore casing.

In the case of Willetton water bores the ground conditions are such that usually the bottom 6 metres of bore casing is finely slotted to allow the water in. The annulus around this slotted casing is gravel-packed with finely graded river sands to act as a filter.

More details of modern water bore construction can be found on our water bore page.

Water Bores provide an abundant supply of groundwater to maintain gardens. Your Willeton garden will flourish with this nutrient rich water. At the same time helping conserve our mains scheme water supplies and save you money in water consumption charges. Depth to bore water Willetton, Shelley, Rossmoyne, Bull Creek, Riverton and surrounds is normally fairly shallow.

Surface geology dictates that we would ordinarily drill 10 to 12 metres in to water (with a minimum being about 18 metres) to ensure a good sustainable flow. So commonly water bores in the area are drilled to about 18 to 22 metres.

Along the streets close to the river both considerable caution and intimate local knowledge needs to be employed to optimize water boring results.

The Perth Groundwater Atlas database, combined with our extensive local knowledge and experience drilling water bores Willetton and surrounds, means we can predict with reasonable accuracy the depth to water at your property. This allows us to provide a written quotation in advance of any work.

Don’t hesitate to phone 9246 0111. We can help you with the depth to water at your Willeton property and the cost of a Willeton water bore.

We will assess your needs and design a bore specifically to suit your irrigation/reticulation requirements and the available groundwater. Our local experience and our extensive supplier network mean the best value and most competitive price on your new Willetton water bore.

Let us repair your Willetton water bore  The contemporary submersible water bores and pumps require very little maintenance but when they do we have had years of experience.. The older style well bores require more service and repair as many Willetton water bores are in excess of 20 years old. Virgin Water Bores Willetton service team have vast experience working on these old wells and pumps in Rossmoyne, Shelley, Bull Creek, Riverton and Willetton..
Symptons can include the bore not holding prime, the pump running but no water, the check valve not holding prime and the pump motor being fused.

Remember that service and repair of your water bore may be claimable on insurance. Virgin Water Bores would be happy to assist you with advise on the claim.

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