Water Bores East Fremantle

Water bore Fremantle

Drilling a new water bore near Fremantle

Water bores East Fremantle, Bicton, South Frematle and Palmyra are typically drilled to a depth of between 20 metres and 50 metres. This is predominantly dependant on the properties height above sea level. We have drilled many water bores East Fremantle.

This particular East Fremantle water bore is being drilled and cased to a total depth of 32 metres. We know from our own records of nearby bores we have drilled and public data from the Perth groundwater atlas that water will be encountered at about 20 metres below ground level.


We like to drill 12 metres into water for a sustainable long term supply.

Submersible bore under paving.

Submersible bore under paving.

Here we are drilling mainly through limestone so we are using our larger more powerful truck mounted drilling rig. The front lawn and garden were surrounded by a brick wall preventing easy access. So we are drilling this submersible bore in the brick paved driveway.

When we are finished the paving will be reinstated over the small bore head and the electrical connection. Everything will be invisible including the pipes connecting this East Fremantle bore to the existing reticulation system.

Water bores East Fremantle quality is typically quite fresh. We are normally drilling through Tamala limestone, predominantly calcarenite. Groundwater salinity in East Fremantle bores is normally similar to tap water at 500-=1000 TDS in MG/L.

The existing retic controller can turn on the bore just as before. So if you would like a quote in East Fremantle or surrounds call 9246 0111 or make an enquiry on the form below.

As well as Water Bores East Fremantle we do Bore Service & Repair East Fremantle, Palmyra, South Fremantle and Bicton.

Connecting bore pump electrics Perth

Connecting bore pump electrics

Our mobile service teams and electricians repair and service existing submersible bores and pumps, old well style bores and reticulation systems. Our bore

Stainless Steel submersible bore Pump Perth

Stainless Steel submersible Pump

electricians also attend to any bore or reticulation electrical problems. All over Perth, call anytime 9246 0111. You can find more information about our bore services here