Water Bores Attadale

Virgin Bores are your local experts for new bores & bore repairs. Garden water bores are very popular in Attadale.

Bores- new and repairs Attadale

Bores- new and repairs Attadale

One of the reasons is the bores in the area are generally quite shallow and so you don’t have to drill very far to get to water. This is particularly so to the east of the suburb and the northern edges closer to Burke Drive. The exceptions include the more elevated parts peaking near the T junction of Stock Road and Ledbroke Street.

When you drill a bore in Attadale the surface geology is “Tamala Limestone: Aeolian calcarenite, variably lithified, leached quartz sand “ as indicated by the Perth Groundwater Atlas. This geology is relatively easy to drill and therefore quite affordable. The exceptions include the more elevated parts peaking near the T junction of Stock Road and Ledbroke Street where significantly greater depth is required.

It is a good idea to install a water bore. They tap into a plentiful superficial aquifer and save you money by cutting your mains water consumption. Importantly they also help conserve Perth’s limited potable water supply.

The stainless steel submersible pump for the water bore is installed invisibly beneath your garden. There is no longer the unsightly tin lids of the old fashioned wells. It is commonly 18 metres to water in Attadale or thereabouts and in the eastern parts of the suburb it is often as little as 4 to 6 metres.

The depth to water for an Attadale water bore available on the Perth Groundwater Atlas.  We would drill 10 to 12 metres past the start of the superficial aquifer. We have drilled many bores in the Attadale, Bicton and suburbs abutting the swan river. If the property is close to the river near Burke Drive special precautions need to be considered to minimize the chances of the bore becoming salty.

Please call us on 1300 374 300 and we can easily tell you the depth to water at your property.

The submersible pumps you get these days are  silent and invisible. We usually connect the bore to existing reticulation. So when you are standing on your front lawn nothing will be visible. Everything, including the pump, is contained in a 100mm PVC sleeve or bore-casing. At the surface there is a flat green bore lid which is usually hidden by lawn or garden mulch.

More details of modern water bore construction can be found on our water bore page.

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We will talk to you about your requirements, look at the groundwater conditions at your home and design a bore specifically to suit your needs. We are a family business that has been running since 2000 and we assure you of the best value and most competitive price on your new Attadale water bore.

If you already have a bore in the Attadale area we can service and repair.  As most of the area is relatively shallow you will see many of the old style “wells”. They are characterised by the old tin” witches hat” lids with an ageing centrifugal pumps that requires regular maintenance. Virgin Water Bores Attadale team have the local knowledge and experience requirements and can assist with service requirements.

We can fix centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, fused motors, anything to do with bores, pumps, and your reticulation systems. Insurance claims a specialty.

Or if you would like to take the modern hassle free approach talk to us about a modern submersible bore with minimal maintenance.

No problem for the Virgin Water Bores Attadale team.

Please call us on 1300 734 300 and we would love to help you with service, maintenance or pump requirement for Attadale water bore. Or fill in the form below and we will respond to you personally and promptly.

If your old bore is fixable we can fix it!