Old Water Bore Safety

Spotted this old water bore in Innaloo today.

Please secure old wells from curious children.

Great to see the owners had taken care to lock the old tin witches hat lid so it cannot be readily opened. Old wells like this can be a magnet to curious kids and potentially very dangerous. If you have an old well at home, or are a landlord, it is very wise to make sure it is well secured, if you’ll pardon the pun.  This example was novel in the way it was locked. Often we see a hasp and staple arrangement with a padlock or even just lids that are firmly bolted or screwed shut.

Very wise to secure your old well or bore lid

Often old style wells and bores around Perth are only 1 or 2 concrete well liners deep.  They may seem safe, but even the old shallow bores can still prove hazardous to misadventurous children.  Spiders, snakes, substandard and exposed wiring etc etc. The deeper bores speak for themselves with depths of up to 50 metres in some of Perth’s more elevated suburbs. A 50 metre fall is not something to even be thought about. These deeper wells also can have the extra danger of noxious gases including carbon dioxide and methane so particular precautions also have to be taken by workmen.

Some old style Perth water bores and wells can be very deep….and very dangerous to curious youngsters!