Water bore drilling Madeley

Another win for the good guys on this new submersible water bore we just drilled in Madeley.

submersible bore Nadeley

Drilling a garden bore in Madeley

Here we are drilling a 50 metre deep submersible bore in the front lawn of a beautiful garden in Madeley. After we have finsished drilling, we will case the bore with the PVC casing seen at the end of the video. We will then pack the bottom annulus with driller’s gravel and air-develop the bore by pumping compressed air down the bore hole to really flush it and develop maximum flow of the groundwater.

Tomorrow we will install the stainless steel submersible pump inside the bore casing  about 43 metres down.

submersible bore pump Madeley

Assembling the submersible pump to the motor before it is  to be installed inside the bore-casing.

Next the electrician will connect up the pump and then our reticulation serviceman will connect the bore to the existing automatic sprinkler system, tidy up and test everything. After the lawn grows back the bore will be invisible under the lawn. Just smiles all around as this Madeley gardener gets to see his garden flourish AND save big dollars on water bills.

bore drilling Madely Darch Pearsall

After the bore is connected to the existing retic system it’s just a matter of testing everything and no more huge water bills.

If you would like more info or a quote on a new bore in Madeley, Darch, Pearsall or surrounds give Troy a call direct on 0408 454 130 or enquire online here.