Water bore blown capacitor in Hillarys

Fix capacitor Hillarys

Blown start capacitor

The start capacitor in this submersible pump start box has clearly blown rendering this submersible water bore in Hillarys inoperable. One of our Virgin Bores specialist electricians was sent to fix it asap.

“Capacitor is shot and has leaked all over the circuit breaker…Can we get an electrician to look at this and repair it for us Troy?…. it’s a shared bore and my neighbour is going off on holidays on Sunday”.

One of our regular customers needed some help from Virgin Bores this week to get their water bore working again. It was great the customer sent a picture as then we knew in advance what we were dealing with, however we must caution not to open up a bore start box unless you are suitably qualified as it contains dangerous 240 volt power! Our bore service teams can help and normally quite promptly.

The start box is mains powered so we sent our specialist, experienced bore electrician to the Hillary’s customer. We can see from this photo that the start capacitor has swollen and ruptured and was quite badly burnt. The start capacitor is normally smooth and cylindrical. He replaced the start capacitor with some stock from his van and the shared water bore in Hillarys was up and running.

If you need a water bore repair anywhere is Perth call us on 9246 0111 or email Troy at freewater@virginbores.com.au.

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