Stainless Steel Screens for Perth Bores

Although most domestic water bores in Perth and surrounds use slotted class 9 or class 12 PVC bore casing sometimes an alternative bore screen is used.  In certain circumstances stainless steel wedge wire wrapped screens can be called for.

wire wrapped stainless steel screens for water bores.

3 mere lengths of 304 stainless steel screens

Why use a stainless steel bore well screen?

Examples of use of a stainless steel bore screen include where a higher water flow is required per lineal metre of screen, in some clay conditions and where only a narrow horizon of water bearing aquifer can be accessed. With an appropriate sieve analysis of the drilling fines, and the use of a correctly specified stainless steel screen with  matching gravel packing, stainless steel bore screens  can also be used to help keep out super fine sands.

wire wrapped bore screen

Typically .5mm or 1mm slot size when used for domestic bores in Perth

Available Perth Stock

Made in Australia for Australian conditions.   Call Troy on 9246 0111 supply enquiries ex our Wangara warehouse.

304 stainless well screen

Wedge wire wrapped 100mm diameter 304 stainless bore screen

In stock are 3 metre lengths of 0.5mm and 1.0mm slotts with end caps already welded on and 100mm PVC adapters already attached. Other sizes by order.

304 stainless steel bore well screen

Aperture / Slot Size 0.5mm 1.0mm
Nominal Screen size 44
Effective Length per screen (mm) 3000 3000
Weld Rings both ends(mm)20 20
Screen ID (mm) 104 104
Profile Wire 80 80
Support Rods 120 120
No of rods 20 20
Slot (mm) 0.5 1.0
Nom Screen OD (mm) 113.8 113.8
Open area 18% 31%
Tensile Load (Tons) 6.7 6.7
Collapse strength (psi) 304.0 257.0
Est. Max setting depth (m) 405 342
Est. weight (kg)  17.2 15.4

Perth bore screen