Submersible bore ready to be installed.

Submersible bore pump and fittings ready for installation

Submersible bore pump and fittings ready for installation

Here we are getting ready to install a submersible pump and motor at Gabbadah north of Perth ( Sovereign Hills, just south of Lancelin) with top end drilling methods, equipment and technology.

This 2.2kw pump and 3 phase motor will be installed down the 60 metre borehole we have just drilled.

In this picture you can see three coils, the black poly pipe through which the water will be pumped to the surface, the orange electrical cable that will be joined to the blue motor lead to deliver the electrical current and the stainless steel draw-wire that will be used to suspend the weight of everything. The stainless steel submersible pump and motor in the foreground are yet to be joined together. The bore box with the green access lid will be used to cover the bore-head just below surface level of the ground.

After drilling we installed 100ml diameter slotted PVC casing to the bottom six metres of the bore, drawing water through slots a 16 thousandth of an inch in width. This slotted casing and the next 6 metres was plain casing was all class 12 casing to handle the stresses at that depth. The rest was cased with class 9 PVC. We packed around the slotted casing with drillers gravel to enhance filtration. In this case the driller’s gravel used was screened Carnarvon river sand.

As a deep semi-rural submersible bore we used first-grade materials and methods to enhance the longevity of the bore system and minimize service and maintenance. Call us on 9246 0111 if you would like to discuss a bore at your property.