Submersible pump being assembled

Stainless Steel submersible Pump

Stainless Steel Submersible Pump


This is a great shot of one of our team Adam getting a submersible pump ready to install down a newly drilled submersible borehole. The following is typical is submersible bores all over the Perth Swan Coastal plain.

The stainless steel motor is the part of the cylinder furthest to the right of the photo. This has already been jointed to, and will drive, the pump or more correctly what is referred to as the “wet-end”. This contains the impellors that pump the water to the surface. Confusingly, both items joined together are more commonly referred to as a pump. Seen here is a roll of stainless steel cable also attached to the pump. This will be used to hold the weight of the entire assembly down the bore-hole. This cable is essential if the pump ever needs to be winched to the surface for repair or replacement. The black electrical cable has already been heatshrunk to the motor lead. Correct crimping and heatshrinking of these two cables together is essential as this joint will be permanently under water. Next Adam will join a 40mm poly pipe to the pump outlet. This flexible pipe will deliver the water to the surface.

The entire assembly will soon be lowered down the 100mm casing which lines the 30 metre borehole just drilled nearby. Pictured here gives you an idea of how the submersible pump is assembled with the rest of the bore underground. We have many years of experience engineering the best water bore for your home. We drill new bores and service existing bores and retic all over Perth. Give us a call on 9246 0111.

Submersible pump in bore hole

Illustration of how submersible pump will look down hole.