Oakford Bore Repairs- Fix Bores, Electrical & Retic Fast

Oakford Bore and Reticulation Service and Repairs

Bore not working Oakford, Casuarina, Wellard, Byford

Great to see water flowing again at this Oakford property

Our Oakford bore service team does daily bore and retic repairs in Oakford, Cardup, Anketell, Casuarina, Wellard, Byford, Banjup and Forrestdale. We have long term experience repairing bores and retic on semi-rural blocks and have the knowledge, parts and resources to get your bore or retic back up and running fast. Chances are we may have even drilled your bore originally and have full history and details.

Submersible Bore Repairs

Oakford, Cardup, Anketell, Banjup water bore pump repair

Electrician working on submersible pump borehead typically found on newer Oakford water bores.

Most submersible bores in Oakford have a larger than normal 2.2kw submersible pump and single phase motor.  The larger pumps accomodate the greater bore water flow needed for the more expansive blocks. The larger 2.2 kw pumps are often found in bores in Cardup, Anketell, Casuarina, Wellard, Byford, Banjup and Forrestdale.

Top of bore Oakford, Wellard, Cardup

Another style submersible bore-head in Oakford

What is unusual in Oakford is the majority are single phase motor’s which is a reflection of the fewer dweillings in Oakford that have three phase power connected. We stock replacement motors for both types in nearly all sizes. Our specialist bore electrician will fault-find and diagnose your problem fast. Often we see locally, bores that pump to a tank operated by float switches. Easily fixed! Call Troy on 0408 454 130 any day of the week. Or you can book a bore repair for Oakford or surrounds online here.

Old style well bores.

Oakford bore pump replacement Cardup, Wellard Byford

Replacing a centrifugal pump in a well liner with a new Davey 3 HP

If your property is in the lower lying parts of Oakford, Cardup, Anketell, Casuarina, Wellard, Byford, Banjup or Forrestdale then you may have the older shallow well-style bore with a centrifugal pump. Commonly these lose prime. The pump can be heard running but no water pumps to the surface. Often this is a check valve issue. Just in a days work for our bore service teams. We also fix all pump and bore related electrical issues. If your bore is tripping the circuitbreaker give us a call.

Bore retic repairs Oakford, Casuarina, Byford, Wellard, Cardup

Prompt mobile bore repairs in Oakford and surrounds

Oakford Reticulation Service

Our service team will look after all your irrigation requirements. If you have issue with your reticulation system please give us a call. We repair and replace all types of reticulation controllers. You can book a reticulation service here or call 9246 0111. We are also keen to quote on any new irrigation or reticulation requirements.

Bore retic service Oakford, Bajup, Casuarina

Good coverage from these gear drive sprinklers.

NewBores Drilled.

Our experience drilling and repairing water bores in Oakford and surrounds gives us an advantage designing new bores.

Bore drilling Oakford, Wellard, Banjup, Casuarina

Drilling a new 4 inch submersible bore.

We have kept bore logs and water table history in the area so can  design a new bore suitable for your location. When we combine this with the data available from the Perth Groundwater Atlas we know how deep to drill your bore. Because we also service and instal reticulation systems we can specify the right pump to match your e reticulation system. For a fixed price quote on a new bore give us a call on 9246 0111 or request a bore quote here. If yours is a new build we can advise on future progressive needs as you establish your lawns, gardens and rest of the property.

Depending on what you plan to irrigate and where exactly you are located, some properties in parts of Oakford, Cardup, Anketell, Casuarina, Wellard, Byford, Banjup and Forrestdale reuquire a bore licence. For more information on Water Bore Licences click here.