New water bore Lathlain area

Lathlain new bore

New water bore Lathlain

This barren patch of sand will soon be transformed with a new water bore. Lathlain, Burswood and Victoria Park are all good areas for new water bores. Lathlain particularly is undergoing redevelopment and here our water bore drilling team will be drilling a new water bore and installing a submersible pump.

We have done over one hundred water bores over the years for the landscaping company who will soon be transforming this sandy site and surrounding the development with lush gardens. The gardens will be watered three days a week by fresh groundwater from the new Lathlain water bore. It is heartwarming to hear this landscaper only uses Virgin Water Bores for his new bores for clients.

We will drill to 25 metres. The depth to water at this site is approximately 12 to 13 metres. We will drill and case the bore hole to 25 metres as we like to be at least 12 metres into the ground water. The Department of Water indicates a salinity level of 0 to 500 PPM. That is as fresh as a daisy.

Often when we drill a new water bore at a contraction site like this we do it in two stages. In stage one we drill, case, gravel-pack and air develop the bore hole and cap it off so it can’t be interfered with. Stage two we return and install the submersible pump and motor closer to the time the landscaping will be done and electrical power is available for connection to the bore pump. We can give you an idea of the depth to water at your property over the phone and let you know what a bore would cost you.

Bore Maintenance.

Unlike the old well style bores in Lathlain, modern submersible bores rarely require service or maintenance. If you do ever have a service maintenance or repair issue for your water bore or pump in Lathlain, Victoria Park, Burswood or surrounds we can help.