Morley Water Bore

Morley water Bores

New Morley water bore

Newly drilled water bore in Morley

Water Bores in Morley are common. We just drilled another submersible bore in Morley this week. This replaces an older style bore that was shared between two houses.

Morley bore drilling

Morley bore drilling

It was a relatively shallow bore. Because it was only 3 metres to water Virgin Bores drilled this Morley water bore to 21 metres ( rated 10 flow and 9 clarity). In the bottom 9 metres of the water bore we used slotted bore casing and it was surrounded by drillers gravel. The bore was air developed to maximise the water flow for this Morley water bore. There was a very good supply of fresh ground water for this very happy homeowner.

This house used to have an old style water bore with a tin lid and a centrifugal pump. The new bore with a modern submersible pump had to match the water flow of the old bore. So in this case we are are putting in a two horsepower high flow submersible to deliver about 150 litres a minute. This will be enough for our clients to connect to their existing irrigation system which runs the house in two zones or stations, one for the back yard and one for the front yard.

Bore quotes Morley and surrounds

If you live in Morley or surrounding suburbs and are interested in a modern submersible water bore please give us a call on 9246 0111. We can look up the depth to water on the groundwater atlas and give you an idea of the cost of your water bore over the phone. We can then visit you on site to work out the details.

Retic controller repairs

Retic controller repairs

Bore repairs Morley 9246 0111

Our service teams also do prompt repairs to existing Morley water Bores and reticulation systems. All types of bores and any brand of pump including Lowara, Davey, Sumoto, Franklin, Grundfos, Onga, Stalker and Pioneer. Our bore electricians can test burnt out or fused pumps and certify for insurance claims.  We service Morley, Dianella, Inglewood and Noranda on a daily basis.

If your reticulation controller is playing up call us for prompt help. 9246 0111