New water bore joined to existing retic

"Cut-in" bore to retic

Submersible bore being joined to existing retic system.

This is a neat example of the careful “cut-in” or joining of a new water bore to an existing garden reticulation system. In the foreground is a new water bore we drilled recently at a home in Swanbourne.

We drilled within several hundred metres of the ocean and were very careful monitoring salinity. Tests on completion of the new water bore were less than 700 ppm T.D.S. which was an excellent result and certainly bought a smile to our faces.  The new water bore was positioned to minimise the electrician’s work required to connect it to the metre box of this home.

Just visible is the orange electrical cable. New 25mm PVC pipework was trenched across to where the existing reticulation sprinkler system had until now been fed by costly mains water supply. Water flow from the new bore is about 80 litres per minute which is around double what was being delivered by the mains water supply. To accommodate the extra flow we joined the existing reticulation system’s stations together to come on two at a time. This was a great bonus as the reticulation system now runs for half the time.

The bore has already been connected to the house power and interfaced for auto start from the clients existing reticulation controller. The Virgin Bores team  filled in and covered the trenching and in a few weeks the new water bore will be invisible.

We would love to talk to you about a new water bore at your home. You will save money and have a flourishing garden. Call Brett on 92460111.