How to find your nearest fire hydrant in Perth

Can you find your nearest fire hydrant?

Hydrant used for bore drilling

When we are drilling a new water bore we use a technique called rotary mud drilling. This bore drilling process often needs high volumes of water. Our bore drillers are licensed to use the fire/water hydrant and any water we use is metered and paid for by us.

Bore drilling hydrant

A good supply of water needed for rotary mud drilling is usually available from a nearby hydrant

But how do we know where the nearest hydrant is?

Yes we can look for the blue reflective cats-eye on the road and the H pointing to the hydrant. But also we can use the online database.

Find your nearest hydrant online.

You can access the location of Perth streetside Water Hydrants  here   Go to the map

If using desktop PC select the “show workbench” top left hand side of the map to enter your address and search. Mobile version simple enter in the “search location field”. The blue dots indicate the Hydrants .  Normally these are flush with ground level and have a white access cover.  These should be kept clear and readily accessible to emergency services and are not to be used without authorisation.


Thanks  Water Corporation, dataWA and NationalMap for the handy online tool.