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Garden Water Bore Greenwood just completed.

Today we finished the “cut-in” on a new submersible water bore in Greenwood. The ‘cut-in” is where we finish the actual connection of the water bore to the homes existing reticulation system. We run a PVC pipe from the bore head across to the main line of the retic system. The main line is anywhere between the solenoid valves and the existing feed from mains water. Then we disconnect the existing reticulation system from the mains supply. To accommodate the extra flow our submersible bores typically provide, we then double up the existing reticulation stations or zones so two or three solenoid valves come on at once as required. The flow of ground water from this Greenwood bore was measured at over 80 litres per minute which is more than double the flow from the mains water supply here. This reticulation connection was particularly challenging as we had to take the pipe under a double concrete driveway as pictured. Several hours tunneling by our man Adam and job done! Here we also put in a tap so the keen gardener can also use his bore for hand watering. There was plenty of fresh groundwater in this Greenwood water bore as there is in most Perth suburbs. Call us for the depth to water at your house and the cost of a water bore.

water bore tap

High flow 3/4′ tap from Bore

bore drilling Greenwood pump

Bore drilled ready for pump install