Forrestfield Bore Repairs- Bores, Pumps, Retic and Electrical

Forrestfield Bore and Reticulation Repair and Service

Our Forrestfield bore repair team is ready to fix your water bore promptly in Forrestfield, Maida Vale, High Wycombe, Wattle Grove, Orange Grove and surrounding suburbs. Our specialist bore electrician will fault-find and diagnose your bore or reticulation problem with a minimum of fuss.

Bore pumpreticulation repair Forrestfield, High Wycombe Maida Vale

Ready to fix your bore and retic in Forrestfield and surrounds

Years of drilling water bores and repairing bores, pumps and retic in the area means our experience will save you time and money. We fix submersible bores and pumps commonly installed in the last 30 years and the older well-liner style bores that have centrifugal pumps. Please call 7 days 9246 0111  to have us fix your bore promptly or request a bore service online here and we will phone you back.

Submersible bore repairs.

We can help with any submersible bore repair. Common problems we fix include :

  • bore tripping circuit breaker or blowing mains fuse
  • low flow from bore
  • bore not starting
  • blown start capacitor
  • electrical issues
  • insurance fusion claims for burnt out or fused pumps
  • blown poly rising main where pump has been “dead-headed” (run with nowhere for the water to pump)
Winching up submersible bore pump for repair. Maida Vale, High Wycombe,, Wattle Grove

Portable bore pump winch easy access on front lawn.

Submersible pump repairs and replacements are made easy because we carry portable winches that can be assembled in the tightest of locations.

Bore repair Wattle Grove, Orange Grove,, Forrestfield

Assembled the winch to pull a submersible pump in narrow strip at the side of a house.

Bore repair Maida vale, High Wycombe, Wattle Grove

Submersible pump just winched up.

Mostly bore repair issues are found to be simple fixes such as deteriorated wiring in the bore-head junction or problems with the bore start box or retic controller. If it’s more serious we have  a wide range of submersible pumps in stock so delays are limited. We carry both 3 phase and single phase submersible pump motors from .55kw up to 5kw with matching “wet-ends” of various configurations to suit bore depth nd flow requirements.

Fixu ing Bore pump Forrestfield, High Wycombe

Getting a replacement submersible pump ready to complete the bore repair.

Old well-liner type bores

There are still some older style centrifugal pumps in well liner type bores in Forrestfield, Maida Vale, High Wycombe, Wattle Grove, Orange Grove and surrounding suburbs. They are not common because the water table is generally deeper making installation uneconomical. We still repair or replace pumps in those early types if they are in 4 concrete  liners or less. If yours is deeper give us a call to discuss the options depending on your bores symptoms.

Well liner bore pump

We repair shallow well style bores with centrifugal pumps

  • check valves replaced
  • electrical problems fixed.
  • we convert manual systems to automatic

New Bore Drilling- Fixed price.

Bore drilling, Forrestfield, High Wycombe, Maida Vale

Ready to drill another bore using the rotary mud method.

We have maintained detailed records of all the bores we have drilled over the years in Forrestfield and surrounds. Combined with the groundwater data available from the Perth Groundwater Atlas we know how deep to drill at your property. We will give you a written quote in advance so you know exactly what you will be getting and what it will cost for your new bore. Call anytime 9246 0111 or enquire online here for a bore quote to be emailed to you prior to an onsite visit if you wish. Because we also install and service reticulation systems we will design a bore with the appropriate pump to match your existing irrigation. If you do not have a reticulation system already we can advise.

If you are building a new home in Forrestfield, Wattle Grove, Orange Grove, Maida Vale, High Wycombe or surrounding suburbs ask about our package deals for Bores and Retic.

How is a bore connected to an existing reticulation system? Find out here.