“Help! Please fix my Bore”

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“Help please fix my bore” is a common call we hear at the start of the Perth summer and after electrical storms or regional power surges. Our mobile Perth bore service teams are ready to promptly help with any water bore related issue all over the metro area.

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We’re ready to fix your Perth bore!

But first there are a few things you can check-

  • has the circuitbreaker tripped / fuse blown in the meter box? It will commonly be labelled “bore, retic or pump”
  • has the fuse blown in your reticulation controller?
  • can you hear a click when you try to start it?
  • if you have an old style spinning disc electricity meter, does it spin faster when you start the pump?
  • does your reticulation controller screen look normal when you start the reticulation?
  • have you lost power to anything else in the house?
  • if yours is the old style well type bore with a centrifugal pump…can you hear it running?
  • are the sprinklers getting water but low on pressure.
  • If yours is a shared bore does it still work on the neighbours side?

Once you’ve checked the above give us a call on 9246 0111. Sometimes we can even help over the phone and get you back up and running with a few simple tips.

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We will fix your submersible bore

Our electricians and service men have the local Perth knowledge, parts and experience to fix your bore with the minimum of fuss. Dealing with Perth retic bore pump specialists saves you time and money.

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Ready to fix bores all over Perth