Ellenbrook Water Bores

After we have firstly drilled this new bore for a home in Ellenbrook the next step is for the submersible pump to be installed.

Water Bore Ellenbrook drilling

Ellenbrook bore drilled to 19 metres before casing cut down

Installing bore pump in Ellenbrook.

Today Adam installed the .75kw submersible pump into the bore we drilled last week. This garden bore was drilled to 19 metres with static water level being at 4 metres. Pretty typical of new water bores in Ellenbrook.

This series of  pics shows him cutting down the bore casing, assembling the PM Technology submersible pump motor to the  submersible “wet-end” (pump) and installing it inside the bore casing. Finally the bore box is put in place.

Driiling water Bore Ellenbrook

First the bore casing is needs to be cut down to below ground level

submersible Garden Bore Ellenbrook

Digging around the bore casing so bore box can be fitted

Bore drilling Ellenbrook

Cutting the  bore casing down

installing a submersible pump in Ellenbrook

Casing cut down and bore box in place

Assembling the submersible bore pump

bore retic pump Ellenbrook

Submersible pump being assembled

Ellenbrook bore drillers

Stainless steel submersible from Italy

Installing the submersible bore pump

Bore pump Ellenbrook in garden

The bore pump is hung on a stainless steel cable deep underground

Water bore drillers Ellenbrook

The 40mm black poly pipe delivers the water to the surface

Bore is invisible

Ellenbrook water bore drilling

Once the green bore lid is covered over the bore will be hidden

Tomorrow our electrician will attend and connect the pump electrically to house power and interface it for auto start from the existing Hunter reticulation controller.

Hunter retic controller Ellenbrook bore

The bore will start from the existing Hunter retic controller

Finally our man Jack will attend and connect the pipework  up to the existing reticulation and balance the system. You can read more about how a bore is connected to retic here. As last man onsite Jack will bury the bore box so the green lid is under ground level and then tidy up. The entire bore will then be invisible silently pumping free bore water to this Ellenbrook garden.

No wonder customers often say “I wish I’d done it years ago!”

Your garden will flourish – ask for a water bore quote

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Ellenbrook Bore and Retic service

We also service and repair bores and reticulation systems in Ellenbrook. If you have a problem with your sprinkler system in Ellenbrook, The Vines, Aveley and surrounds we will fix it promptly

Fix bore pump Ellenbrook

Prompt repairs to bores and retic in Ellenbrook and surrounds

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