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Ellenbrook Water Bores

We’ve been drilling Water Bores in Ellenbrook from the start. Our local experience of the groundwater yield and quality is second to none. We use only silent stainless steel submersible pumps installed invisibly deep beneath the ground. Call 9246 0111 7 days for free advice and quote. For more info on why Virgin Bores are the only garden water bore worth considering click here

Bore water quality and available quantity varies widely over the full extent of Ellenbrook. Most of Ellenbrook garden bore drilling is pretty standard with a bountiful and  easily accessed groundwater supply. There are however pockets of Ellenbrook that present challenges and particularly to a water borer not familiar with the area. Typically the ground changes  to the North-East parts of Ellenbrook and even more so towards The Vines. Layers of clay and other factors at depth can present water yield challenges which require special bore screen design to help maximize available flow.

Ellenbrook Bore Water Depth

Depth to Bore Water Ellenbrook Fig “A”

Depth to Bore Water Ellenbrook

Fig “B” Depth to Water Ellenbrook

Look at this first screenshot (Fig A) from the Groundwater Atlas for a property in Rossini Circle which is near the Gnangara Road entrance to Ellenbrook. Depth to water is only 2.2 metres, salt levels predicted at less that 250ppm and anticipated sand drilling all the way. This property is listed as suitable for new garden bores. Typically for this data we would drill an 18 metre bore.

Compare it to the screenshot (Fig B) of the enquiry for a property in Pineroo Terrace Ellenbrook. This is more to the current north eastern extent of Ellenbrook towards The Vines. Here we see a depth to bore water of 7.3 metres. However the cause for some concern is the noted “Swamp and lacustrine deposits – peat,peaty sand and clay|Qrw”  the listing listing as “unsuitable” for new bores. That’s not to say that property is prevented from having a garden bore but it certainly means it would require a driller who designs a bore to suit the conditions and explains the situation to the client before drilling commences.

Virgin Bores have nearly two decades experience constructing successful garden bores in Ellenbrook, The Vines and more recently Aveley. Call us 9246 0111 for an obligation free groundwater assessment and water bore quote. We also service and repair all brands and types of water bores and bore pumps.

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