Can I drill a water bore over a wall?

Sometimes it’s not easy to get access to inside the homes property line to  drill a water bore.  Water bores cannot be drilled on street verges. Where access is walled-in options are limited. Sometimes we drill in driveways. Sometimes we can use the small portable drilling rig if the bore is not too deep or through limestone.

remove fence panel and drill water bore

Fence panel removed and all “tarped up” ready to back the drilling rig in

Hats off to George and the team on this one in East Vic Park. This new submersible bore needed drilling with the larger truck mounted rig. Just enough room to squeeze the drilling rig in between fence pillars and over the low wall.  On this job we were lucky that the wall was low enough to get the table of the drilling rig over. Just enough space too between the pillars.

Tight squeeze but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Water bore drilling over low wall

Covering wall with tarps helped minimize clean-up of drilling muds etc

Careful removal of a fence panel and preparation for minimum impact resulted in a neat job after drilling and tidy up.

Drilling water bore over low wall

After wash down and tidy up hard to believe we had drilled a 30 metre bore over this fence.

We took extra care to minimize impact on this very neat and very new garden

If you have a challenging drill location we are happy to visit site and find a solution.