Bore Repair Mt Hawthorn

Electrical Bore Repairs Mt Hawthorn

Our bore repair team is ready to service or repair your bore, retic or pumps in Mt Hawthorn and surrounds.

Today our bore repair electrician attended a submersible pump that  had stopped working in Mt Hawthorn just north of Perth.  He found a single phase submersible bore typical of those found in nearby suburbs like Osborne Park, North Perth and Joondanna.

Bore repairs Mt Hawthorn electrician

Blown start capacitor in Single phase Mt Hawthorn bore

This bore had a 1.1kw submersible pump.  Dave swiftly located a burnt out start capacitor in the start box. This is not uncommon in submersible pumps. Normally in the better Italian brands like Sumoto, Calpeda, Centripro and Lowara it is housed in a separate start box near the meter box.  More info on Perth  water bore start capacitors is found here.

bore repair Joondanna

Start capacitor from Sumoto Pump

After replacing the capacitor for new our electrician tested the circuits on the pump motor and gave it a clean bill of health.

bore electrical problems fixed osborne park

Testing the submersible pump after repairs

We service and repair submersible bores and the shallower old well style bores in Mt Hawthorn, Joondanna and Osborne Park on a daily basis. Give us a call on 9246 0111 if we can help or request a bore or reticulation service online here and we will call you back promptly.