Bibra Lake Water Bores – Bore drilling, Bore repairs and Reticulation

We are the local specialists for Water Bore drilling, bore pump installation and bore and reticulation repairs in Bibra Lake, Coolbellup, Yangebup, Nth Lake, Kardinya, Murdoch and surrounds.

Bibra Lake Bore and Reticulation. Installation and Repairs

Bibra Lake Bore and Retic – ready to help.

Bore Drilling – New submersible garden water bores

Nearly 20 years of drilling and repairing water bores in and around the Bibra Lake area means we can guarantee you the best garden water bore for your conditions. We have recorded detailed  bore drilling logs of all the water bores we have drilled in around the area including Yangebup, Coolbellup, Nth Lake, Murdoch and Kardinya. Combine this with the thousands of bore and well service records we have for the area as well as the Department of Water’s Perth Groundwater Atlas and we know exactly how deep to drill and what submersible bore pump will suit you best.

Cost of bore

Our experience saves you money.

What does a bore cost? How deep?

In advance we will give you a written bore quote so you know exactly what you need, how deep we need to drill, how much it will cost and exactly what you will be getting. Bores in the Bibra Lake area range widely in cost. In a nutshell it depends on how high you are above sea level. Are you up on a hill or down in a valley? As an example the depth to water at the bottom of Le Soueff Drive in Kardinya where it meets Nth Lake Rd is only about 3 metres or so. There we would drill a 15 to 18 metre bore and including stainless steel pump, air developing , gravel-packing etc would cost around $3,000.

Depth to Bore Water Winthrop

Mid range depth in Winthrop Drive, Winthrop

Contrast this to the depth to water at the peak of the hill on Le Soueff Drive. Almost the highest part of Kardinya and we see a depth to water of an eye-watering 60 metres requiring a bore drilled to a whopping 70 metres. These are almost the deepest bores in the Perth metro area and approaching a $7000 exercise. The good news though is that most bores in the Bibra Lake, Nth Lake, Murdoch, Yangebup and Coolbelup area are at the lower to mid-range of this scale.  As an example the groundwater report here labelled “Fig A” is for a house midway along the incline in Winthrop Drive Winthrop. Here the depth to water is at about 10 metres so a submersible  bore drilled to 22 metres is required. This would be around the $3500 range including pump and all ready for an electrician to connect.

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

Water bore pump typical in Kardinya, Winthrop, Coolbellup. Bibra Lake

Submersible pump ready to be installed deep beneath the lawn.

We use Italian stainless steel submersible pumps that are regarded as best-in-class for a reliable source of free bore water for years to come.

Bore and Reticulation Package Deals

Kardinya, Bibra Lake , Winthrop , Lush lawn watered by bore

Lush lawn watered by a bore

Because we also install and service reticulation systems we can offer an all inclusive service where your bore is connected to your existing reticulation system. No retic yet? Ask about our package bore and retic deals!

Bore and Retic Repairs

Retic and bore fault-finding

  • Fused and burnt out pumps replaced-all brands including Davey, Onga, Sumoto, Lowara, Grunfdfos and Calpeda
  • Pump insurance claims- fusion or lightning damage
  • Bore electrical repairs by licensed electrician
  • Bore check valves replaced – sometimes referred to as clacker valves or foot valves. All brands and sizes including Philmac and brass Alderdyce
  • Bore lost prime? Often it is caused by the check valve failing or a leak on the suction side of the bore pump. We can test and advise

Retic repaired

  • Locate & fix solenoid valves & damaged wiring
  • sprinkler surrounds installed to stop vehicle damage
  • Broken pipes repaired and replaced. PVC (normally white) and Poly (normally black)
  • Sprinklers not covering-we can fix that! Gear drive sprinklers, rotary sprinklers and conventional pop ups. Blocked nozzles cleaned or replaced.
  • Retic controllers replaced – all brands including RainBird, Hydrawise, Irritrol, Oasis, Rainmaster, Holman, Toro, Hunter, Richdel, HR Products and Orbit
Bore repairs wintrop Bibra Lake Kardinya Coolbellup

Repairing a submersible bore

Bore not running Kardinya, Winthrop, Yangebup

We repair old well style bores

Our  Bore and retic service teams are in and around Bibra Lake Yangebup, Coolbellup, Nth Lake, Murdoch and Kardinya on a daily basis. If your bore won’t start we can get you back up and running fast. Call us 7 days on 9246 0111. You can book a  bore repair here.

Our retic service man will make sure your sprinkler system is working the way you want. You can book a reticulation service here