Alexander Heights Water Bores-Bore Drilling, Bore Repairs and Retic

For nearly two decades we’ve been drilling and servicing garden water bores in and around Alexander Heights, Marangaroo, Koondoola, Ballajura and more recently Landsdale and Darch.  We have kept detailed records of bore logs, water depth data, groundwater yield and bore water quality records. We have unparalleled knowledge about the local groundwater conditions. Combine this with the Department of Water Perth Groundwater Atlas and we know within a metre or two  what depth  we will encounter water at and how far it is best to drill into the water table for optimum results. All this enables us to design and quote the best submersible garden bore for you.

Alexander Hts submersible Bore box and submersible pump will be hidden under lawn or garden

Bore box will be hidden under the lawn or garden.

How deep? We know what total depth to drill the bore to depending on your home’s height above sea level and the ground conditions we will encounter deeper down. Our long term history of drilling and repairing bores in Alexander Heights and surrounds means we only use equipment best suited to the conditions.

Stainless steel submersible pumps that operate silently deep beneath the ground will deliver you a reliable supply of free groundwater saving you money year in year out.

Alexander Heights Water Bore

Drilling another submersible water bore.

Onsite, Over-the- phone or Online Bore Quotes

Enquire online here. or call us anytime 7 days a week on 9246 0111. We are happy to give you a quote by return email or meet onsite for an obligation free site assessment. More info can be found here about about garden water  bores  If you have a difficult to access site we can most likely help. We have several differently configured bore drilling rigs and portable drilling rigs that can be used in some cases. Sometimes we can back the drilling rig up to and drill over low walls.  We regularly drill new bores in Alexander HeightsMarangaroo, Landsdale, Darch, Koondoola and Ballajura so it is easy for us to drop in and advise on bore position etc.

Bore Retic Landsdale Fix

Daily service repairing bores and retic in and around Alexander Heights

Bore drilling Alexab nder Heights, Landsdale

Competitive drilling rates and best local knowledge.

Bore and Reticulation Service and Repair

We repair submersible and centrifugal (old style) bores and  all brands  bore pumps and retic systems all around Alexander Heights, Darch, Marangaroo, Ballajura, Landsdale and Koondoola so will get your bore or reticulation up and running promptly with the minimum of fuss!  Call us 7 days on 9246 0111 or  book a BORE SERVICE here or a RETIC SERVICE here

Ballajura water bore

Installing a submersible pump

  • electrical problems – bores or retic
  • insurance claims- pump motor fusion & burnt out bore pumps
  • bore tripping circuitbreaker?-no worries, we’ll fix that!
  • blown fuse in retic controller / irrigation timer-easily sorted!water bore and reticulation, irrigation, leak fault-finding
  • pumps replaced- submersible and centrifugal all brands including Lowara, Red Jacket, Onga, Universal, Pioneer, Davey, Calpeda, Grundfos and Sumoto
  • pump lost prime? Priming issues fixed in centrifugal pump common in Ballajura bores
Ballajura bore repairs

Old style Ballajura waterbore

  • repair or replace retic controllers and irrigation timers
  • fix all irrigation and retic problems including sprinkler coverage
  • we convert manual sprinkler or bore systems to fully automatic using new reticulation controllers.
  • fix solenoid valve and locate and fix broken solenoids and solenoid field wires
  • test retic systems and program retic irrigation controllers all brands includuding, Toro, RainBird, Rainmaster, Holman, Oasis, HR, Orbit, Richdel, Philmac, Hunter and Holman
  • water bore and reticulation, irrigation, leak fault-finding
  • We are ready to fix your bore or retic
  • Hydrawise internet enabled smartphone operable Wi-Fi reticulation controllers are a specialty.

New reticulation systems

We design and install new reticulation systems and are happy to meet you onsite for a free design and quote. Please call 9246 0111 at ask for a retic quote here

Retic Landsdale, Darch

Retic systems installed from mains water or bore