Air developing a garden water bore

Bore air developing

Compressed air is pumped down the bore hole to develop up a good supply of groundwater

The short video below shows a compressor being used to air develop a freshly drilled Perth garden bore before the submersible pump is installed. Before submersible pump installation a mobile compressor is used to pump compressed air down inside the bore casing. This flushes out impurities, clears the the drilling muds used in the rotary mud drilling process, cleans the bore screens and importantly develops the surrounding ground to maximise groundwater flow. It is  a very important part of drilling a new garden bore and helps ensure borehole longevity. The water normally starts off muddy but after air developing is usually crystal clear as seen in this video. Air developing can also be used to increase the flow of bore water from old and tired water bores along with the application of specific treatments such as clay dispersants as called for.

Air developing a Perth water Bore

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