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Repairs and Service to Bores and Reticulation – All Hills suburbs.

Our bore service team  do bore repairs on all types  of bores and bore pumps in Kalamunda, Lesmurdie, Walliston, Gooseberry Hill, Wattle Grove, Helena Valley and surrounds. Our local experience in the hills suburbs will save you time and money.

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Ready to fix your Bore or Retic in Kalamunda and surrounds.

Have we seen it all?

What we see, never fails to impress us on a daily basis. Take this old well style bore in Kalamunda.

Kalamunda bore and Pump repairs

Old well style bore 47ft deep in a Kalamunda garage.

As a child our client helped his dad dig this old well inside the garage. They dug it over two years to a depth of 47 feet through quite solid rock. An air compressor drove a chisel like jack hammer.

Water Bore Repair Walliston, Lesmurdie, High Wycombe, Gooseberry Hill

The open galvanized pipe seen in the right corner of the above pics picture was used to deliver air to those working below .

Kalamunda bore dug through rock. Hard to repair or service the pump

The pulley was used to bring the rock up and could be used to retrieve people. from the bore.

The pulley  was used to bring the rock to the surface. The well generally has 10 to 30 foot of water in it and to this day provides a generous supply of groundwater used to water the garden.

Bore retic repairs Kalamunda

As the old style pump is located down the well it is always difficult to repair or service. The problem at the moment is the water table has risen and covered the pump.

A centrifugal pump not designed to be under water!

Our solution  marries two technologies and will bring this old well into the 21st century. We are suspending a stainless steel submersible pump under water. It will hang  on a stainless steel draw wire and deliver water to the surface via a flexible 49mm poly pipe. If there are ever problems with the new pump its easily pulled up from the surface. Our bore electrician will use rubberized bore cable from top to bottom with a heatshrink joining the cable to the pump underbwater. No longer will anyone need to make the risky journey down the well to effect repairs or adjustments.

Kalamunda Bore Pump Electrician Repairs

Submersible pump being assembled by bore electrician

If we can help you with your bore or reticulation repairs in Kalamunda, Lesmurdie, Walliston, Gooseberry Hill, Wattle Grove, Helena Valley and surrounds please call on 9246 0111 or book a bore service here

Bore repairs Wattle Grove, Walliston, Lesmurdie,

Ready to help with bore and retic service in Kalamunda and surrounds

  • Bore pump repairs- to submersible & centrifugal pumps
  • Replacement of submersible & centrifugal bore pumps
  • Insurance work – fused and burnt out pumps, lightning damage, storm damage. Insurance work by licensed bore electrician.
  • Does your bore trip the circuit breaker? Our electrician will fault-find and repair.
  • New bore check valves / one way valves / foot valves
  • Our electricians  repair  water bores and  bore control equipment, float switches and Hi-Low level switches.
  • Automation of manual bores including instal reticulation controllers and solenoid valves.
  • Reticulation controllers repared or replaced. All brands including Toro, RainBird, Rainmaster, Holman, Oasis, HR, Orbit, Richdel, Philmac, Hydrawise, Hugall & Hoile, Hunter and Holman
  • Blown pump  start capacitors replaced
  • Testing of retic system and programming controllers
  • We locate  and repair or replace solenoid valves, broken wires and pipes
  • Pre sale property handovers- bores and retic tested.

Reticulation Installation “The Hills”

We design and install new reticulation systems suited to the hills conditions. If you live in Kalamunda, Lesmurdie, Wattle Grove,Walliston, Gooseberry Hill, Helena Valley or any of the surrounding hills suburbs give Troy a call on 0408 454 130 and we will come around for an obligation free chat.