Bore Watering Days Perth Roster

Bore Watering Days

Reticulation sprinklers systems connected to Garden Bores in the Perth metropolitan area are allowed to be operated 3 days a week. Sprinklers can be used either before 9am or after 6pm on the allocated watering days. The watering days roster for water bores allows one extra day to the normally allocated sprinkler roster for scheme water. The 50% extra watering for bore users can make a significant difference to a Perth garden in summer.

Last digit of street

(or lot number) 

Scheme users
2 day roster 
Bore users
additional day
1 Wednesday & Saturday Monday 
2 Sunday & Thursday Tuesday
3 Monday & Friday Wednesday
4 Tuesday & Saturday Thursday
5 Sunday & Wednesday Friday
6 Monday & Thursday Saturday
7 Tuesday & Friday Sunday
8 Wednesday & Saturday Monday
9 Sunday & Thursday Tuesday
0 Monday & Friday Wednesday

Different bore watering guidelines apply to bores in other areas of WA and to licensed bores.

A sprinkler ban applies to all scheme and bore water users in Perth, Mandurah and  parts of the South West, from 1 June to 31 August each year.

Bore watering sprinkler roster Perth

Make sure your bore and sprinklers are working properly to save water on your watering day.