Bentley Water Bores- Drilling and Bore & Retic Repairs

Fixed price water bores.

For nearly two decades we have been drilling and repairing water bores in and around Bentley, St James, Queens Park, Cannington and Wilson. We have kept detailed records of all the  bores we have drilled including depth to water and ground conditions.

Bentley Water Bore drilling in Queens Park, Cannington, Wilson and St James

Drilling another garden bore.

We also have details of many hundreds of bores we have serviced or repaired in the area. Combine this with the  bore data publicly available from the Perth Groundwater Atlas and we can quite accurately predict the depth to water and best depth to drill a garden water bore at your house. This allows us to give you a fixed and competitive price in advance for a new water bore. If you would like to know the cost of installing a new water bore at your house please call 7 days 9246 0111 or request a bore quote online here.

Water Bore Wilson, Bentley, Cannington, St James, Queens Park

Assembling a submersible pump soon to be installed deep beneath the garden

In new water bores we always install stainless steel submersible pumps that operate silently, deep beneath the ground with nothing visible at the surface. Long-gone are the old witches hat lids on old well style bores often seen around Wilson, Cannington and Queens Park.

Connected to your reticulation system.

Because we also install, service and repair reticulation systems we understand how to design a bore to suit your existing reticulation system. We specify the best pump that will deliver the flow most suitable for your existing reticulation system. Often we will deliberately use a pump that will give about double the litres per minute that currently feeds your sprinklers from mains water.

Virgin Bores and Reticulation

Often with a bore we have two stations come on at once to halve your watering time.

This allows us to double your existing retic stations together so that two come on at once. This reduces your run time and gets your watering cycle completd in half the time. For more details on how a bore is connected to a reticulation system click here.

Connecting bore to rey tic sprinkler system

This lawn will go back neatly and pretty soon all trace of where the bore is and the connection will disappear.

Retic and Bore Repair and Service

Our local service team is ready to fix your bore or reticulation system. We will get you back up and running pronto! We are in and around Bentley, St James, Queens Park, Cannington and Wilson on a daily basis. Our specialist bore electrician can test and certify bore pumps for insurance fusion claims if fused or burnt out. We also repair and replace all brands of reticulation controllers. Please call 7 days a week  9246 0111 if we can help you with your bore or retic in Bentley or surrounds. You can also request a bore repair here or a retic service here.

Bore repairs Queems Park, Cannington,Wilson, St James.

Mobile service to fix your bore or retic.

  • bore and pump repairs to modern submersible bores
  • repairs to older well-style bores (with tin “witches hat” lids) commonly found in Cannington, Queens Park, Wilson and a other low lying areas.
  • reticulation repairs
  • locate and repair solenoid valves and broken wiring
  • fix broken sprinklers, leaks and broken pipes
  • fix sprinkler coverage issues
  • anything to do with bores or reticulation systems