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Drilling a new Perth BoreFor over 16 years we have specialized in water bores for Perth’s homes and businesses. We have a wealth of experience in drilling Perth bores and our local knowledge is unsurpassed.  Chances are we’ve installed a residential garden bore in your street. Modern stainless steel submersible water bore pumps operate silently beneath the ground giving trouble-free groundwater at the flick of a (usually automated) switch. And of course, when it comes to reticulation sprinkler systems to deliver the bore water on to your lawn and garden, we’ve got Perth covered.
We understand your needs and make it easy to get a free design and quote on Perth’s best value new submersible water bore or reticulation system.

Bore repairs & service

Joining submersible pump electrical cable

Perth Water Bore repairs and service. Our mobile service teams are ready to fix all your water bore or reticulation problems. We replace submersible pumps all over Perth. We fix all types of bores and irrigation systems.

Call us Perth 7 days on 9246 0111.
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Automation of existing reticulation & irrigation systems

Existing manual bores or reticulation systems operated by on/off switches and gate valves can be easily automated taking the hassle out of juggling operation times. Virgin Bores will supply and install a reticulation controller to turn on your bore automatically. Automatically operated solenoid valves can replace manually operated gate valves. Compliance with your Perth rostered sprinkler watering days is then automatic. Simply call Perth 1300 734 300.